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ACTS Essentials Outreach

Thailand Reflections

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have already passed since we returned home from our Outreach to Thailand. We asked the students to share some of their reflections on…

ACTS Essentials Outreach


By Camryn Stewart I can’t believe we’re already back in the U.S. now! There’s been so much to unpack, literally and figuratively. Laytongku (“LAY tahng koo”) was one of the…

Essentials Outreach


By Kaylan Randall His mercies are new every morning…that is a theme that has been on my mind over and over again throughout our outreach. We went on a twelve-day…

Discipleship Essentials GCM Outreach

Monk Chat

By Chance Hollowell The third day after we landed in Chiang Mai part of the team went to a Buddhist temple that hosts a daily “monk chat” where you can…

ACTS Essentials Outreach

First Impressions

Hi, my name is Ellie Schwab. I’m writing from the hotel now, excited to share with you about our first full day in Chiang Mai! Today has mostly consisted of…

ACTS Essentials GCM Outreach

Thailand Outreach 2023

คำทักทายจากประเทศไทย! Greetings from Thailand! We’ve been in Chiang Mai now since last Wednesday (I’m writing on Sunday afternoon). It’s been a busy first few days resting up and getting acclimated….

ACTS Essentials Outreach

Remember Nhu

[By Linus Bauer] This Saturday most of us started our days early. This was our 2nd night at the Riverside House Hotel in Chiang Mai. We don’t have a tight…

ACTS Essentials Outreach

Thailand, Here We Come!

[By Jonah Dominguez] Day 1 – Korean Air The plane rides were long, well the first one was 11 hours from Seattle to Incheon/Seoul, South Korea. As I was on…

Essentials Outreach

Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

[By Hannah Johnson] Hello from Nicaragua, I hope all is well with everyone and enjoying the cold holiday season that’s right around the corner. I know we’ve been learning to…

Essentials Outreach

First Week in León

[By William Farelly] It’s our fourth day in León, Nicaragua! The constant noise, the murals, the bootleg Air Jordan stores and the traditional dances give the city an insane energy. It…