Hi, my name is Ellie Schwab. I’m writing from the hotel now, excited to share with you about our first full day in Chiang Mai! Today has mostly consisted of a quick tour of the area, where we can go, and some exploring tips. One of my biggest takeaways for the street smarts here is if you’re going to cross the road, you have to commit. It is really easy to be too timid to cross when the roads here are chaotic compared to our organized American roads.

The people are pretty nice. We are all looking for opportunities to learn about the culture and the people. ACTS has really changed my outlook here. Talking with strangers comes so naturally now when your goal is to love others and hopefully share the gospel with someone.

There are temples on every block, different religions, and there is a Christian church down the street from our hotel. My group walked through a Buddhist temple courtyard and saw a few monks.

My first impression being here is there is a cluster of cultures. Between all the temples, Chinese, Arabic, and English languages, and the diversity of shops. Things seem ___ but is pretty easy once you just get out and do it.

All of us really enjoyed wandering the night market. What an experience to see different vendors and barter down the price of a bracelet or a pair of pants. Then we got to the food market. Being one who often travels for food, it was really fun to share some authentic Thai foods. Mochi, Pad Thai, boba tea, and dumplings were my picks.

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