[By Jonah Dominguez]

Day 1 – Korean Air

The plane rides were long, well the first one was 11 hours from Seattle to Incheon/Seoul, South Korea. As I was on the first lane, I was excited to arrive in South Korea for personal reasons. The second trip felt like a more boring trip, maybe because the 11 hours were more brutal. The landing in Thailand was amazing, with so little (?) the night had a lot of light on the drive to the hotel.

Enjoying breakfast at our hotel.
Lanterns hanging from the bridge across from our hotel – what’s left of the decorations from the Yi Peng lantern festival a few days before.

Day 2 – Footsteps in Thailand

We started off visiting the headquarters of Free The Oppressed/Free Burma Rangers in Chiang Mai. There we learned about the history of FBR and the work that they’re doing in Burma as well as other parts of the world, helping people who are being displaced from their homes and families, all of which was very interesting. After that we walked the streets of Chiang Mai (which strangely reminded me of Wilmington, CA). The heat and the food vendors made me feel right at home. The heat here isn’t too difficult for me.

FBR staff member James Gonzales speaking to the team about the ministry.
This is how we roll – in the back of a songthaew.