Our Board

Jeff Sutton

President and Executive Director   ||   Tieton, WA

John Gunden

Pigeon, Michigan
John is President of R U Red E Ministries and senior pastor of The River’s Edge Church in Caseville Mi.  Together, he and his wife Margaret have seven children and three grandchildren. John has been involved with GCM since its inception and is dedicated to her mission of raising up young people to preach the Gospel.

David Frerichs

Bethesda, Maryland
David is the Director of Young Adult Ministries at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD. He and his wife Erin have five children. After nine years leading the GCM team in Iasi, Romania, he was called back to minister in the U.S. and is thrilled to stay connected to GCM and continue to serve through this new role on the board.

Dr. Greg Glenn M.D.

Poolesville, Maryland
Greg made his commitment to Christ as a young and searching college student though Intervarsity and now providentially is serving the same age group via GCM. He first met Jeff and Val in Germany in 1992 and accompanied Jeff and Erin Glenn (Frerichs) as the attending Pediatrician on a mission trip into barely post-communist Romania. Besides putting Romania on Erin’s heart, the trip gave Greg a desire and vision to partner with Jeff and Val in ministry, which, by God’s grace, both then and today, bears a great and eternal harvest. Greg is currently a Chief Medical Officer working in medical research and has served as an advisory board member for GCM since 2009.

Steve Hayes

Secretary  || Eugene, Oregon
Steve is the National Sales Manager for Juanita’s Snacks/LLC based in Junction City Oregon. Steve and his wife, Lori, have 4 children & 12 Grandchildren. Steve is on the GCM board to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ, and to help and support and serve the leadership at Great Commandments Ministries which he has been a part of for over 20 years. Steve is also the father of Daniel Hayes, Director of the ACTS Essentials discipleship program.

Rod Knipper

Yakima, Washington
Rod is an architect and feels blessed to integrate the abilities and talents he was given with his calling from the Lord. He began his architectural practice soon after trusting Christ in 1971. He designed projects of all types, and his most rewarding have been hospitals and health care missions in Haiti, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Egypt, Indonesia, and Honduras. Rod and his wife, Patricia, have five children, eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Rod loves the commitment of GCM to help young people grow in their relationship with Christ and discover God’s calling on their lives.

Bobby Gaither

Hillsboro, Oregon
.Bobby is the lead elder at Hope Fellowship Church in Hillsboro Oregon. He married Tiffany in 2006, and since became the father of four radiant children. It was during a missions weekend at church that he was introduced to Jeff and Val Sutton in 2008. His heart immediately yearned to support and be a part of GCM. Since then, he has had the opportunity to bring groups to GCM to work on the campus, participate in the local VBS, co-lead a trip to Romania, and has taught at both ACTS programs. At every opportunity afforded him, he promotes the ACTS program to young adults and pastors. He has had the joy of sending students from his church body to ACTS.  He believes in the mission of GCM, has alignment and affinity with their staff, and has seen gospel fruit in the lives of the young adults who have participated. Above all, his heart sings when talking about the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Because this is so, commending GCM is a natural outflow of rejoicing in the grace and glory of God, and inviting others to do the same.