By Naomi Boisselle

Monday (11/18)

The day began with solitude and breakfast! After a team meeting we practiced our drama and prayed for the rest of the day. After lunch, we all loaded up and drove to Chiang Mai. Our team split into 2 groups. Half went to a Monk Chat and the other half (my group) chilled out at a coffee shop called, Wawee Coffee. We took our extra time to read our bibles, missionary books, journal, etc.


Next we headed to our Monk Chat meeting in a couple of Tuk Tuks. Afterwards, Tom, Quincy, Makayla, Christina, and I all rode in a Songthaew to Maya Mall where we met up with the other team. We ate dinner there and performed our Drama for the first time outside of the Mall. Some of us were a little nervous, but we had fun and rocked it! It was a good day! My favorite part of the day was hearing the monk we talked to, talk about karma and his personal history of how he got to where he is now. My least favorite part of the day was when Jeff told my group that he and Val were going to go back to the ranch… Poor Val must have gotten a little flu bug or something. When she got back to the ranch she was throwing up, feeling super shaky, and she had a fever. I am praying that she will feel better soon!

Makayla and Christina

Tuesday (11/19)

Today… was the best day yet!! We got to go to a children’s home called “Remember RHU.” Poor Val still wasn’t feeling good, so she didn’t get to go with us. We had such a great time! Today we just visited the girls homes, and tomorrow we will get to visit the guys homes. While at the children’s home; Tom and I learned a new game, I played UNO with some older girls, we ate dinner, and then played with balloons afterwards. I met and really connected with one 14 year old girl. She is so sweet and very quiet. She loves UNO and her favorite colors are pink and red. It was so much fun to play with such sweet girls. Most of them, we learned, come from very broken homes. Some don’t have parents, some were abandoned, some were abused, and the list goes on.

Claudia and friends
Tom and friends

I think what was so cool about going to the children’s home, was the fact that even though the girls came from such broken past, they were so happy. They each wore such real, sweet smiles! They were so happy to see us and excited to show us their home. It was so inspiring to watch the girls play, do homework, and chores with such a happy and carefree attitude. Though they may have been through hard or life changing situations… they still had a positive outlook on life despite their hardships. I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit with such beautiful girls! I wonder what it will be like to visit with the boys tomorrow. God is so good! On the way home, I prayed that God would heal and protect these precious children. I prayed that they would feel loved and cared about, not only by us, but with everyone that comes into contact with them! I prayed that they would find Jesus and cling to Him!! Getting to hangout with these girls was the highlight of this trip so far… I am excited to go back again tomorrow! My heart is happy!


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  • Naomi, I’m so glad you having such an awesome trip! It’s great to hear you are visiting these children. I’m positive they feel your love and the love of Jesus through you! It’s so wonderful you have this opportunity. It’s people like you who truly make a difference in this hurting world! Keep shining your light and the light of Jesus to everyone you come in contact with over there! I am praying for all of you for health, safety, protection, and to be a HUGE blessing to everyone you meet! Sending lots of love and please tell Val I am praying she feels better fast!!! Xoxo

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