[By Abigail Deering]

It was a wet beginning when we got to La Chimera, so we huddled into one of the local homes and distributed food and toiletries bags. It was wonderful to pray with women, asking the Lord to multiply the rations just as He did with the 5 loaves and 2 fish in the New Testament. They receive the rice, bean, and oil sacks with such gratitude. It’s incredibly humbling to see the faith and humility that these families exude.

Blessed beyond all measure; we had a great time candy partying! We haven’t had as much interaction with these students and parents, and they were so excited to see Gringos! The students couldn’t stop commenting about our skin. It was so fun to interact with them. Playing Limbo, Monkey Baby Bed, a balloon racing game, and we even got some of the students involved in a sort of hand puppet show.

After doing our drama, Pastor Felix got the students started on the piñata. They had such a blast. While some of the students were hitting the piñata, some of the church leaders were teaching us ACTS students some of the children’s church dances. We looked like fools, but it was great fun, and the wonderful thing about dancing is that there’s no language barriers.

We ended the party with some more torrential rain, and some cows just being herded through the streets. I hope that we can stop by again to get to better know the families and pray with them some more.

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