After much planning and anticipation, we held our first ever ACTS Intensive retreat a couple weekends back. We had an enthusiastic group of 21 high school students from Oregon and Washington with us as we spent the weekend learning about discipleship. Our hope for the weekend was two-fold – (1) to give the students a brief taste of what our regular ACTS programs are like, and (2) to stir up in them an excitement and determination to follow Christ. To that end, we built the weekend around three teaching sessions that took on different aspects of discipleship – the motivation for discipleship, the means of discipleship (spiritual disciplines), and our calling as disciples sent into the world.

In addition to the teaching, we set apart time for worship, solitude, a scavenger hunt, and a game night. On Sunday, we attended one of the local churches for worship before sending them out.

The entire staff was very encouraged by how the weekend went and we expect that we will be seeing some of these students again at ACTS. I’ve included comments from some of them below:

Our time at ACTS Intensive was a wonderful experience. We really experienced a time of getting close and learning the importance of establishing solidarity with God. The teaching gave insight on how much God loves us and how illustrates every part of our lives. – Jessa W.

I really enjoyed the teaching time and fellowship at ACTS Intensive. I learned how important it is to always be in the word and make Jesus the core of my life, not just an extra piece. Being around other Christians who didn’t know me was also very wonderful. I got to make friends and see that they have many of the same trials that I have. – Rose F.

I was deeply blessed by the weekend: particularly in my conversations with the staff and in the teaching sessions. I left with renewed vision for abiding in Christ, and conviction of the cost of discipleship. – Tim H.

The ACTS Intensive experience was definitely the highlight of the year so far. It was great to take a step back from everyday life and hear the gospel presented in such an amazing way. To hear the motivation, means, and hope of the gospel be presented by people who have a passion for Christ made the experience definitely worth while. – Ace F.

I really enjoy[ed] attending the ACTS session! The best thing for me was the teaching and the solitude! I have been doing solitude ever since and feel closer to the Lord! Thank you and everyone that put in the time and place to make ACTS available! – Telma W.

Lord willing, we will have at least 2-3 more Intensives this year before we get into the Fall. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please encourage them to get in touch with us!



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