By David Quincy Morris

November 27th

We spent the morning with the wonderful couple Oswald and Sriporn. They made us a huge amazing breakfast and we enjoyed some great fellowship. We saddled up after breakfast to go meet this wonderful family in a fairly remote village (This family is one of the only two Christian families in the village). This was a very blessed time of fellowship. We sang, gave them encouragement, and then we we’re able to hear their testimonies and this was the most special time of all.

Seeing God work is always a spectacular thing to behold, and the way He worked in this family was a miracle. After the testimony, they fed us which was so sweet, and then brought us down the road to their very beautiful church they are building. At the moment, there is no pastor to preach there, but I know God will provide. He always does. It’s been so amazing to connect with my bigger family worldwide! After a time of prayer with them, we said our goodbyes and then went to an amazing waterfall! It was so beautiful! We swam around, found vines to swing from, and found a bat cave under the waterfall. We all had a blast!

On the way back we stopped by this old cool suspension bridge and got some photos. That evening we stopped by another local church and they fed us a feast! I can’t get over the amazing hospitality and generosity of these people. Later that evening, we were able to have a really sweet church service with more wonderful Christians. We got to hear more testimonies and be encouraged again. God is so good in all He does and the work He is doing worldwide is so big. What a blessing it is to be a part of His work!

November 28th

Thanksgiving day! Well… kind of. For breakfast we met with a sweet couple we met from church the night before. It was a very blessed time. They made us an extravagant breakfast with pumpkin desert, which they were unaware of the connection that has to our thanksgiving holiday meal.

What a treat for us, and what a sweet time of fellowship! After we went to a cute little lunch place and had some amazing authentic Thai food, we packed up for another long ride in the vans. We arrived to destination where there was a beautiful village with a very pretty Church. We ate PB and J’s for our wonderful thanksgiving dinner and had a nice church service after with the locals. We were very encouraged by the Christians there and two of them who were talented musicians played for us. God has blessed us so much and this is such an amazing opportunity.


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